The following tutorials are full projects, diagramming methods and one-off how-to’s meant to assist in developing technical skills for design professionals.  Each has been developed around some sense of play while also enabling useful skills and workflows.  All materials necessary to complete each are provided on their dedicated page and one off how-to’s are located at the bottom of this page and organized by software.  This is content I use directly in my teaching (you can see some student examples in the smaller projects).  I’ve given this content to support the enhancement of all design and designers.  I hope you find them useful.

More coming soon…

Full Project Tutorials:


Revit Robot


Form VS Play [Sketch Up]







Diagramming Tutorials:

Compressing and Event into an Image

Compressing an Event 

Economy of Line

Grasshopper Image Generator








One-Off Tutorials:

3D Modeling Software

Rhino to Revit / Revit to Rhino








2D Graphic Software