Double Blind Peer Reviewed Papers

Architectural Science Association [ANZAZcA] 2015 “Living & Learning: Research for a Better Built Environment”   International Conference Proceedings 2015 | Papers + Presentations

  • Research to Practice: Can 3D Printed Façade Screens Challenge Current Fabrication Techniques in the 21st Century?
    • First Author. Coauthored with Nehal Almurbati and Peter Ford of De Montford University
  • How Do We Sketch with Someone 1000 Miles Away?: Distance Collaboration with Designers
    • First Author. Coauthored with Ben Slee and Eliel De La Cruz of University of Sydney
  • Codifying Metacognition: Attempted Automation of Non-Linear Learning [ Winner of Best Paper ]
    • First Author. Coauthored with Simon Bussiere of Ball State University

4th International Architectural Conservation Conference and Exhibition 2016 “Sustainable Heritage: Global Vision, Local Experiences” International Conference Proceedings 2016 | Paper +Presentation

  • Heritage Conservation in the New Digital Era: The Benefits of 3D Printing Architecture Screens in Sustaining Architecture and Identity
    • Second Author.  Coauthored with Nehal Almurbati

Architectural Science Association [ANZAZcA] 2014 “Across: Architectural Research through Practice”   | International Conference Proceedings 2014 | Paper + Presentation

  • The Design Grotesque
    • First Author. Coauthored with Simon Bussiere of Ball State University

Architectural Science Association [ANZAZcA] 2013 “Cutting Edge in Architectural Science”  | International Conference Proceedings 2013 | Paper +Presentation

  • Integration of Parametric Thinking + Design within Undergraduate Design Studios
    • Runner up for Best Presentation

Blind Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

International Journal of Architectonic, Spatial, and Environmental Design

  • From Manual to Hybrid, Parametric Mashrabiya: Digital Workflow for the Re-envisioning and Conservation of Eastern Architectural Screens and the Engagement of Digital Tectonics
    • Coauthored with Nehal Almerbati of De Montfort University

Blind Peer Reviewed Papers

National Conference on the Beginning Design Student (NCBDS) 2016

  • 1:1 >>> Failure-Oriented Pedagogy in the Development of New  Design(ers’) Expertise

Blind Peer Reviewed Posters

Society for American Archeology 2016

  • Exploring the Potentials and Limitations of 3D Printing in the Preservation and Replication of Ancient Teeth.
    • Coauthored with Dr Marta Alfonso Durruty et al.

Blind Peer Reviewed Abstracts

National Conference on the Beginning Design Student (NCBDS) 2016

  • Evaluating the Evaluation:  Encouraging Risk Taking and Design Excellence via Studio Grading 
    • Second Author.  Co-authors – Chris Manzo & Katrina Lewis

Design Communication Association European Conference 2016 | International Conference Proceedings 2016 | Abstract + Presentation

  • Beyond Abstraction: Design Research as Augmenter and Catalyst to Non-Design Professions

Design Communication Association 2014 “Design & Graphic Palimpsest” | International Conference Proceedings 2014 | Abstract + Presentation

  • Rule Based Palimpsest
    • Invited Conference Session Moderator – “Digital Exploration:  Tools and Application”


IDSA Medical Design Conference | Tampa FL | Oct 2015 | Peer Reviewed Abstract

  • Engaging Empathy and Making: 3D Printed Prosthetic Skins


IDSA Medical Design Conference | Tampa FL | Oct 2015 | Peer Reviewed Abstract

  • 3D Modeling of CT Scans for 3D Printing


2nd International 3D Printing Fashion Show | Juried Exhibition | 2015 World 3D Printing and Technology Industry Conference & Expo June 3-6, 2015 in Chengdu, China |

  • Mashrabiya Bracer

Digifabulous | Juried Exhibition | Regis Center for Art – University of Minnesota | Mar 25 – Apr 5 2014

  • Macro
  • Small, Medium, Actual

Fearless Furniture | Juried Exhibition | Indiana State Museum | Oct 2013 – May 2014

  • Fluxus


Brookfield Residential & Norris Design Sponsored Digital Fabrications Course for Permanent Outdoor Furnishings in Midtown, Denver

  • $20,000 (approx.) | IAPD 406 | Spring 2015

Brookfield Residential & Norris Design Sponsored Digital Fabrications Course for Permanent Outdoor Furnishings in Midtown, Denver

  • $13,000 (approx.) | IAPD 406 | Spring 2014


Online Course Development Grant – Kansas State University Global Campus for the development of IAPD 410: Online Development of Digital Applications | 2015

  • $6,000   | Supporting research equipment and salary funding

University Small Research Grant – Exploring Potential for 3D Printing to Assist in the Planning of Surgical Procedures with Veterinary Medicine”

  • $1,535   | Primary Grant Author, Co-PI Dr Walter Renberg | Research Support Grant | 2015

Intel Galileo University Donation Program

  • $5,000   | Five Galileo Arduino Boards + Sensors | Support course work and research | 2014

Faculty Development Grant [FDA]

  • $500  | Support for travel expenses for ASA Paper Presentation | 2013


University Small Research Grant – “Testing Viability for 3D Printing in Manufacturing Architectural Mashrabiya Screens” (Not Funded)

  • $2,071 | Co-PI Nehal Almurbati | Support Architecturally Oriented Research |2015

Academic Excellence Grant 2013 (Not Funded)

  • $15,600 | Co-authored with Prof Vibha Jani | Support for the acquisition of 4’x9’ Industrial Laser Cutter for use in college                    shops | 2013


Experimental Applications in Digital Fabrication | Fall 2014

  • Research Poster & Forms 2014 | Faculty Show

IAPD Furniture Install @ Midtown, Denver | 2014

  • Completion of IAPD 406 course, student designed and digitally fabricated permanent outdoor furniture for Midtown Community in Denver.

K-State Goes to Washington | 2014

  • Research visit to NSF to explore grant funding opportunities

IAPD 50th Anniversary Logo Design Competition  | 2nd Place | Kansas State University | 2014


Associate Editor, The International Journal of Design in Society | 2016

Design Futures: High School Edition Workshop 2014

Kauffman Foundation Conference Center | Kansas City

  • Designed, assembled and executed the 3D Stringitecture workshop for 30+ high school students as a part of Kansas City Design week.

IDEC Regional Conference “Design + Making: Process Inextricably Linked” | K-State University | 2014

  • 3D Printing Workshop
    • Organized and executed a 3D Printing workshop and demonstration for the regional conference