Ratchet Strap Furniture

This one week project was designed to develop the students full scale prototyping skills.  Students were given one sheet of OSB and one ratchet strap to develop a piece of furniture for fabrication via CNC milling.  The first day explored concept development and non-scalar model […]

Exhibit Design Studio Project

This design studio project engaged the students in developing a 10’x20’x8′ exhibit for a company/product of their choosing.  Students were required to develop mood boards demonstration their understanding of the brand of the company/product in order to frame the developed construction.  Simultaneously students were introduced […]

Revit Robot

The Revit Robot is an exploration in getting students to coordinate between software and also engage in developing more advanced assemblies for interior and architecture.  The project explored the notions of product at the architectural scale.  Students engaged in developing View Templates which could be […]

Think Fast

This interdisciplinary collection has been exhibited at three distinguished academic venues – Ball State University in Indiana and the School of Design Strategies at Parsons in New York City and Kansas State University in the 2015-2016 academic year. After an international call for submissions invited […]

Bovine Spine

Current research project is looking into the educational applications of developing 3D printable bones within Veterinary Medicine with applications for bovine epidurals. Preliminary tests used CNC milling and engineering foam to verify the scale and function.  Further exploration is currently being engaged in 3D printing […]

Tiny House (Student Work)

This project was the first semester of the second year undergraduate design studio (Fall 2015) within the IAPD program at Kansas State.  The work was completed after an introductory project (exploring Path, Procession and Place)  within the residential studio.  The project engaged the students in the […]

Stringitecture 2.0

The Stringitecture exercise is two part project done in 2015 for the Grandparents University Event at Kansas State University, the first is an exercise in understanding the process of assembling simple weaving constructions around a cardboard frame (about 20 min).  The second part using these […]

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Economy of Line

This is some student work resulting from my digital instruction at K-State.  This was meant to help students develop a product rendering technique in Adobe Illustrator in combination with Rhino 3D.  The intention is to develop enhanced diagramming skills and digital rendering skills in lieu […]

Capture an Event

As spatial designers we are perpetually concerned with at least four dimensions (often far, far more).  The complex coordination of activities within a space over time are central issues within the design process.  Designers must continue to develop effect means of both observing and representing […]

SketchUp! Play Space

This project was designed at KSU as an introduction into the CAD modeling power of SketchUp.  Students were given a rough drawing set to simulate how things are often handed off to interns in design offices and asked to build out the space.  For their […]

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Mashrabiya Bracer

This design is abstracted from traditional Mashrabiya, an architectural screen designed to separate the Harim in the Middle East (men and women’s quarters).  Just as it acts as an environmental (protecting from intense sun while providing free air movement) and cultural barrier and shield, the […]

3D Printing Support for Anthropology

In collaboration with Anthropology these 3D prints of ancient bones were developed to support and understanding for historic remains in a way that could be handled to appreciate the surviving morphometry of the human remains.