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Capture House – Revit Teaching Project

The built environment has an incredible power to control behavior through thoughtful design.  This has always been true: whether it is in regards to the placement of milk in a grocery store (a common item, placed deep in the store drawing you in), storefront design […]

Medicine X – Guest Speaker at Stanford Medical Clinic

Based on the work in 3D printed prosthetic skins and my collaborations with both veterinary medicine and anthropology I was invited by Dr Larry Chu of Stanford University to give a presentation 3D printing as it relates to the future medical practices and education.  I […]

Parametric Shoe Design Project

For this second year undergraduate project, students engaged in the design/development of a shoe design that accommodated for a both style and performance, selecting between to options with the designer identifying with a particular gender.  The first option explored the design of an athletic shoe, […]

Pendant Light Restaurant Fixture

This two week product project was developed around a conceptual design for a pendant light over a bar height table.  Students were directed to explore inspiration that would connect users to the food through the environment.  3D printing and advanced digital modelling were used to […]

Exhibit Design Studio Project

This design studio project engaged the students in developing a 10’x20’x8′ exhibit for a company/product of their choosing.  Students were required to develop mood boards demonstration their understanding of the brand of the company/product in order to frame the developed construction.  Simultaneously students were introduced […]

Revit Robot

The Revit Robot is an exploration in getting students to coordinate between software and also engage in developing more advanced assemblies for interior and architecture.  The project explored the notions of product at the architectural scale.  Students engaged in developing View Templates which could be […]

Economy of Line

This is some student work resulting from my digital instruction at K-State.  This was meant to help students develop a product rendering technique in Adobe Illustrator in combination with Rhino 3D.  The intention is to develop enhanced diagramming skills and digital rendering skills in lieu […]

Capture an Event

As spatial designers we are perpetually concerned with at least four dimensions (often far, far more).  The complex coordination of activities within a space over time are central issues within the design process.  Designers must continue to develop effect means of both observing and representing […]

SketchUp! Play Space

This project was designed at KSU as an introduction into the CAD modeling power of SketchUp.  Students were given a rough drawing set to simulate how things are often handed off to interns in design offices and asked to build out the space.  For their […]

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3D Printed Macros

“Macro” is a student driven exploration into computer processes to generate physical objects. Students write simple subroutines that modify curve geometry, seeking to develop complexity out of simple operations (negotiating what the computer or user is good at). Once developed the curve geometry is processed by […]

Digitally Fabricated Fashion

Using 3D scanning technology, students selected the teams’ model (strongly encouraged to use themselves as the subject) and scanned them with an X-Box Kinect scanner. During the first week students developed the scope of their designs (keeping reasonable levels of complexity in mind) and develop a tectonic model by hand which […]

Arduino Micro-Controlled Lighting

In this second year product design studio my students developed environmentally reactive lighting fixtures using Intel Galileo Micro-controllers and Arduino. The work explored the integration of environmental issues in the development of both the design and a functioning prototype. I assisted the students in writing […]