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3D Printed and CNC Milled Prosthetic Skin

Taking the previous research in 3D scanning and parametric design farther, Prosthesis 2.0 explores the application of digital fabrication and parametric design in the development and manufacturing of custom prosthetic skins. This work was developed with a prosthetist, who advised on the weight and strength […]

Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi tree is a symbol developed from eastern philosophy and represents the ‘Tree of Enlightment’, a location that provides a space for contemplation and knowledge sharing. Historically, Buddha attained enlightenment under the bodhi tree 2500 years ago and is a symbol of mediation to […]

SHoP Architects

While working at SHoP Architects I was a part of the team that developed the initial designs for the South Street Seaport project. Working to develop buildings against the Brooklyn Bridge, I held a variety of tasks within the team. This ranged from developing complex […]

Laminate Topologies

Initial design intent for this lamp was to create an environmentally aware pendent light that produced visual aesthetic as you approach it. Using paper materials, components with variable depth are laminated together and illuminated. The difference in depth of the fins causes the pattern to appear / disappear depending […]

vb Scripting

Rhinoscripting was originally derived from the Visual Basic Scripting and has moved to Python and enables users to implement complex chains of modeling commands, loops and other scripting tools to achieve time consuming iterative pattern and modeling research nearly instantaneously. Much of the work showcased here was developed […]

ACADIA 2006 Poster Presentation Space

This design build project was the main board presentation space for the ACADIA 2006 Conference at the New Center in Louisville, KY. The installation was done in two shipping containers and held over 100 18”X18” boards on plywood ribs. I lead twelve students in the […]

Engaging Technology

The Engaging Technology exhibit was a cooperative effort between the Institute for Digital Fabrication and the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts + Animation that worked with a developed interactive interface and was displayed at the BSU Museum of Art. The Kiosk that was produced utilized […]