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Permian Dragonfly Wing

In collaboration with the Entomology Department at K-State, I developed a recognition plaque in etched stainless steel for Floyd Holmes and Otto Wenger in honor of Floyd Holmes 100th birthday.  Based on a cast of the Fossil Forewing of an Extinct Permian Dragonfly, Megatypus schucherti, […]

Prosthetic Skin for Double Amputee

Taking the previous research in 3D scanning and parametric design farther, Prosthesis 2.0 explores the application of digital fabrication and parametric design in the development and manufacturing of custom prosthetic skins. This work was developed with a prosthetist, who advised on the weight and strength dimensions of the fabrications which were then negotiated […]

Think Fast

This interdisciplinary collection has been exhibited at three distinguished academic venues – Ball State University in Indiana and the School of Design Strategies at Parsons in New York City and Kansas State University in the 2015-2016 academic year. After an international call for submissions invited […]

Bovine Spine

Current research project is looking into the educational applications of developing 3D printable bones within Veterinary Medicine with applications for bovine epidurals. Preliminary tests used CNC milling and engineering foam to verify the scale and function.  Further exploration is currently being engaged in 3D printing […]

Economy of Line

This is some student work resulting from my digital instruction at K-State.  This was meant to help students develop a product rendering technique in Adobe Illustrator in combination with Rhino 3D.  The intention is to develop enhanced diagramming skills and digital rendering skills in lieu […]

Mashrabiya Bracer

This design is abstracted from traditional Mashrabiya, an architectural screen designed to separate the Harim in the Middle East (men and women’s quarters).  Just as it acts as an environmental (protecting from intense sun while providing free air movement) and cultural barrier and shield, the […]

Parametric CNC Watercolor

This research explores the implications of digital fabrication on understanding the cognitive and metacognitive methods embedded in “expertise” as they are associated with watercolor painting. This question offers ground for both philosophical rumination as well as technological research: Through analysis, can (and should) we codify expertise? Can the processes, as opposed […]


The table is an experiment that is designed to ask questions about the dynamics of material and texture. The plywood, a very consistent and homogenous product texturally, is a very simple assembly of parts and expresses itself in the unique visual textures of the wood. […]


Fluxus is a poplar coffee table that was designed and parametrically developed in Rhinoceros and Rhinoscript. The form is expressive of a river bed that is morphing as the water flows through it with the surface of glass. After developing the design digitally it was […]

3D Printed Prosthetic Skin

Taking the previous research in 3D scanning and parametric design farther, Prosthesis 2.0 explores the application of digital fabrication and parametric design in the development and manufacturing of custom prosthetic skins. This work was developed with a prosthetist, who advised on the weight and strength […]


Using my design and fabrication skills I developed my engagement ring for my fiancé. Working with a professional jeweler, Robin Woolard out of California, Rhinoceros 3D Modeling was used in conjunction with a Dimension 3D printer to develop the design. The process of the ring’s […]


reFrame was an experiment using the 3D scanner and partnering with the local Lens Crafters to generate a prescription pair of eyewear. Once an initial digital framework was extracted from an existing pair of glasses the, geometry was reworked around the parameters for my skull […]