Codeverse – Where Kids Learn to Code

Design Work


This project was done in collaboration with Codeverse, Sarah Kuchar Studio and Redmond Construction.  I worked directly with each collaborator (most directly with Codeverse, the end user) to execute a ceiling design that embodied both their high design attitude as well as reflecting their conceptual flow for the function of the space.

The undulating ceiling reflects the cutting edge attitude Codeverse has regarding the education and thinking.  Creating a new, non-uniform draw that engages a new dialogue about space, it’s use, and it’s impact on learning.  Coding (something I hold personally dear), is like a foreign language that, when engaged at a young age, has the potential to transform one’s ability to understand processes and the systems that are apart of our everyday lives.  The designed components were developed through grasshopper definition to locate and size all the required cable drops as well as automate the production of baffles once the drive geometry was developed.

Check out more at (3D tour and other images of the occupied space).

-Client: Redmond Construction, Sarah Kuchar Studio, and most importantly Codeverse
-Location: CHICAGO IL
-Felt color: 04 LIGHT GREY
-Felt thickness: 9MM