Swell ceiling installation in DIRTT GLC Chicago

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Design Work

As a part of my industrial design work at Turf Acoustic Design, I lead in the develop of this installation as a demonstration of what we do at Turf from both a design and a making perspective.  At Turf we work primarily with a felt material that is comprised of recycled PET plastic (roughly 60% milk jug and 40% polyester fabric) to develop architectural acoustic solutions that are both modular and parametric.  The work here demonstrates the application of a parametric design system, where through Grasshopper 3D we can dynamic layout custom ceiling tiles that fit into all Armstrong T-Grid systems, enabling control of the cost against the complexity while instantly visualizing changes to the client.  Swell as a system works modularly from four basic tile types to form undulating topographies in the ceiling plane.  Within the design of the system itself I was also responsible for developing the clip-in details enabling for quick install times for each tile (roughly equivalent to the install time of a typical ceiling tile).  As a system Swell represents a high design solution that addresses function needs while engaging standardized architectural systems.

The work was installed in the DIRTT GLC (Green Learning Center) in Chicago across the street from the Merchandise Mart.  This particular installation also expanded design development with the addition of the gradient across the grey to white color palette, showing off both the color options and the capacity for the design to by dynamically customized.

More info on the product line and company can be found at http://turf.design.

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