Lake Effect – Residential Mezzanine at DIRTT GLC Calgary

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Design Work

As a part of my industrial design work at Turf Acoustic Design, I lead in the development of this parametrically designed ceiling system installed at the DIRTT GLC in Calgary AB.  The felt material that is comprised of recycled PET plastic (roughly 60% milk jug and 40% polyester fabric) and the system suspends custom baffles throughout the space undulating around the existing architecture and building systems.  The work here demonstrates the application of this design system, where through Grasshopper 3D material volume can be calculated and controlled through dynamic customization of both the baffle and stiffener depth and spacing while the form can be informed by the architecture.  The title ‘Lake Effect’ pays homage to the undulating topographies of the cloud formations in the area surrounding Chicago (where I leave and work), with the only penetrations being building systems and the skylight within the space.  Within the design of the system itself I was responsible for developing all the construction details along with integrating mechanisms for building code compliance.  As a system, this work represents a high design solution that addresses function needs while integrating within architectural systems.

The work was installed in the DIRTT GLC (Green Learning Center) in Calgary AB with the help of the DIRTT.

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