Hello Midtown! v2.0

Design Work, Research, Student Works

This is the second generation of student works for the Hello Midtown community in Denver Co.  Developed with the support of Norris Design and Brookfield Residential and engineered (in part) by the Advanced Manufacturing Institute at Kansas State University, we were able to develop a much larger scale set of works.  While two of the designs remain in development and fabrication phases, the first batch of products were installed in Home Plate Park at the heart of the Midtown community (featured in the images).  The Butterfly Table was designed to project shadows of the butterfly (two types) onto the ground of the park while the ‘M’ was designed to be an M in elevation and in plan (envisioning views from satellites).  Two projects were also replicated from the previous round and re-envisioned in new colors – Flip and Aero Benches.  Images are courtesy of John Norris of Norris Design.