Capture House – Revit Teaching Project

Student Works, Teaching

The built environment has an incredible power to control behavior through thoughtful design.  This has always been true: whether it is in regards to the placement of milk in a grocery store (a common item, placed deep in the store drawing you in), storefront design making you feel you NEED something precious (black pearls were worthless until placed in storefront displays next to diamonds, without a price tag), a casino design disorienting you so you stay longer (and putting you on an escalator as you enter so your picture can be taken), or, for our purpose, luring burglars into a trap.  This is our super power, our gift to see what might be and to control the perceptions (hopefully) for the good of mankind.

For this project students designed a “Capture House”.  This is an environmental home modification designed to catch burglars by setting up there ideal MO (modus operandi) and luring them into a home that has been rigged with camera equipment, staged for occupancy, and populated with their ideal items to steal.  This is actually a common instrument in law enforcement and yet there are no know designers to aid in their assembly.

This project was developed to support introductory instruction for third year design students in the Interior Architecture and Product Design program at Kansas State University.  These students have no prior knowledge of Revit or building construction systems, having only completed a residential design studio.  The instruction covered the development of view templates, schedules, annotations, custom families as well as developed processes for developing diagrams for presentation purposes from the software.