Pendant Light Restaurant Fixture

Student Works, Teaching

This two week product project was developed around a conceptual design for a pendant light over a bar height table.  Students were directed to explore inspiration that would connect users to the food through the environment.  3D printing and advanced digital modelling were used to achieve the prototypes (the fabrication process was given an additional week to accommodate for constraints in timing).  All students were exposed to and expected to wire their own light fixture and build a functioning scalar prototype for design review. Students were given the following as a portion of the brief:

“For this exercise, the restaurant has asked that you develop a lighting fixture that reflects the nature of the food being served, as such, the project manager (studio professor) has specified an array of various inspirations and tectonics that can get you started it the design of the fixture.  These not the limits, but are meant to be a source of inspiration to get you started.”

The continues to engage in failure-based pedagogy, where students are expected to develop discussion around the lessons learned that react to the requirements in the problem statement as well as the processes in design development and fabrication.