Prosthetic Skin for Double Amputee

Design Work, Research, Student Works

Taking the previous research in 3D scanning and parametric design farther, Prosthesis 2.0 explores the application of digital fabrication and parametric design in the development and manufacturing of custom prosthetic skins. This work was developed with a prosthetist, who advised on the weight and strength dimensions of the fabrications which were then negotiated parametrically. Six patients with similar prosthetic construction types were in engaged (each included a pylon for developing the connection detail), they were subsequently 3D scanned and had the developed design parametrically mapped onto their mirrored intact limb. Each design was conceptually developed by students in my IAPD 320 Product Design course. From their sketches and initial renderings, I remodeling with appropriate parameters and manufactured the parts via 3D Printing, featured is a design my Janelle Headrick for a double amputee.