Stringitecture 2.0

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Student Works

The Stringitecture exercise is two part project done in 2015 for the Grandparents University Event at Kansas State University, the first is an exercise in understanding the process of assembling simple weaving constructions around a cardboard frame (about 20 min).  The second part using these skills to develop an installation where each person is responsible to developing a component for an overall install.  The size of the install will vary based on the number of people.  This is noteably invasive to where ever it’s done, but does require a space where the parts can be pinned up.

Grandparents University event is an inter-generational experience that provides the opportunity for *Grandparents to bring their *Grandchildren to K-State to experience a modified college experience in three awesome days! In order to make this event a success we need support from each college in order to give the students an opportunity to learn about college and their Grandparents time as a student. Grandparents University event took place August 2-4, 2015.   Stringitecture 2.0 was designed as an interactive 90 minute activity for children between the ages of 8-12 and their grandparents.  The project was developed around a budget of $100 and was designed to be a one of a kind K-state Experience.

The cardboard constructions were developed in Grasshopper 3D and laser cut ahead time acknowledging the number of participants.

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