vb Scripting

Design Work, Research

Rhinoscripting was originally derived from the Visual Basic Scripting and has moved to Python
and enables users to implement complex chains of modeling commands, loops and
other scripting tools to achieve time consuming iterative pattern and modeling research nearly
instantaneously. Much of the work showcased here was developed prior to Grasshopper 3D gaining full functionality.

Within my work, scripting was used to combine rhino commands to quickly develop
geometry within all my research projects and also to create parametric models. These tools
have been used in most of my research as a means of quickly developing versioning tools
that can be easily analyzed and adjusted. The development of my scripts have been key in
the opportunity for mass customization on the component level and allow digital models and
fabrication data to be generated for production without the need for manual drawing and
nesting. Because of the scripts I have written, my furniture items can be versioned in large
numbers, the design options weighed and the best design can be selected and fabricated.