Laminate Topologies

Design Work, Research

Initial design intent for this lamp was to create an environmentally aware pendent light that
produced visual aesthetic as you approach it. Using paper materials, components with
variable depth are laminated together and illuminated. The difference in depth of the
fins causes the pattern to appear / disappear depending on if you are approaching or
moving away. Paper materials, and compact florescent bulbs were used because of their
sustainable and performative natures.

The material later won a small business grant as well being awarded a research fellowship at Ball State, This methodology and lamp were the starting artifacts for a business start-up. After the initial process was developed, I wrote a RhinoScript that built a parametric model of the different dimensions, materials and surface typologies (later redeveloping the parametric model in grasshopper). Using this definition, the user can play with parameter conditions to tune in the model to fit their needs. This allows for customization on the component level at no increase in the cost of production while automating the production of the CAD data for fabrication.