Bodhi Tree

Design Work

The Bodhi tree is a symbol developed from eastern philosophy and represents the ‘Tree of Enlightment’, a location that provides a space for contemplation and knowledge sharing. Historically, Buddha attained enlightenment under the bodhi tree 2500 years ago and is a symbol of mediation to interaction to enlightenment.

The design connects these ideas in both its development and in its spatial impact. Design research allowed us to grasp the material properties and Stephen Deters, Professor of Architecture at UCLA, guided these studies and encouraged a full understanding of the project as a whole and in its minutiae. A single unit instilled different operations [twisting and bending] divides and grows to form a larger and stronger collective. It evolves from discussion and negotiation of a team of students interested in pushing an under-finished location in the architecture building into a place that is conducive to learning and inspires design. Through a series of three modes of propagation; subtraction of component, straight repetition, and addition of component, we effectually created a flowing fabric enveloping a public space.