ACADIA 2006 Poster Presentation Space

Design Work, Research

This design build project was the main board presentation space for the ACADIA 2006 Conference at the New Center in Louisville, KY. The installation was done in two shipping containers and held over 100 18”X18” boards on plywood ribs. I lead twelve students in the design and fabrication of this project which was introduced, designed, fabricated and installed in a six day period.
The design was derived from Laminate Topologies research and was done in concert with lighting design by the University of Kentucky. The concept was to create a board display system that had an imbedded undulation that related to how the viewer engaged the ‘site,’ the shipping containers.

The display and joint design was developed in Rhinoceros 3D Modeling and fabricated both in house and using an industry partner in Indianapolis for the CNC Milling. This project worked to engage with industry and Greg Luhan’s lighting design team from the University of Kentucky.

This work was later published in 2008 in AD Interior Atmospheres.