Engaging Technology

Design Work

The Engaging Technology exhibit was a cooperative effort between the Institute for Digital Fabrication and the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts + Animation that worked with a developed interactive interface and was displayed at the BSU Museum of Art. The Kiosk that was produced utilized transparent plexiglass to generate a physical container for a timeline interface.
The interactive system, developed by the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts + Animation, uses a system of mirrors + lights to detect and translate movement above the kiosk. The translated movement scrolls, either forwards or backwards, through a set of projected content.

While the physical system is derived from Laminate Topologies research, the design is based around the ease of assembly and disassembly since this is a travelling installation. No hardware was used to hold the pieces together, only slip joints. Transparent plexiglass was selected to act as a transparent medium for the interactive content.