Design Futures High School Edition – Kansas City Design Week 2014

Design Work, Student Works, Teaching

This hour session looked at the design of an interior through Stringitecture.  After an initial presentation (about 10 min) going over the value of design (briefly) and explaining the process that was engaged for the session the students explored the crafting of object and space through string.

Through the use of ‘Line’ we developed patterns aiming to explore basic principles of 3D spatial design.  Each student began with an initial pattern that is planar and pre-programmed to quickly develop the technique as well as to create a take away for the session.

Once the initial exercise was complete (at approx. min 20) the remaining time was used to develop a 3D spatial configuration that shaped space through the use of line.  This was an interior design project that emerged based on the number students and their desires on how the space should be formed.  Prefabricated armatures as well as string were provided to the students so that they can develop the space (though they ventured far beyond expectations!).  The first five to ten minutes was used to execute as design plan/scheme and the remaining time will be used to implement those plans (30-35 min).

This was meant to be a fun exercise that not only developed space but engaged in the discussion to team efforts and collaboration in the design process.  Students had to work together and compromise under the constraints of limited materials and time in their effort to develop an interior environment that shapes both solid and void space through the use of ‘Line’.

The workshop was executed with the then PhD candidate Jeremy Merrill of K-State and the video below was executed by one of the student participants.