Ball State University NAAB Accreditation – Sample Work & Faculty Exhibit Spaces

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Design Work

From 2011 through 2013, I worked on the team for the NAAB accreditation visit to Ball State University’s Architecture Program.  I was tasked with collected materials for the team room that included samples of students work from the previous three years and then developing the displays for their subsequent review (both undergraduate and graduate content).  I developed the exhibit spaces for all the reviewed work and assembled and installed the displays.  Additionally all graphics for the visit and the space as well as the team room binders were designed and developed by me for content review, organizing all the materials (codifying the binders that included criteria for review as red and other coursework as white, in conjunction with Ball State’s colors) so that the information was as accessible as possible.  My final task on the team was in the development and installation of the faculty exhibit, in which I collected all the materials, developed the boards presentations according to spatial allotment, and finally plotted and installed the exhibit.

The program received high marks in many categories and distinction in Visual Communication, Construction Documents and Environmental Systems.

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