Codeverse – Where Kids Learn to Code

CUSTOM BAFFLE ARRAY This project was done in collaboration with Codeverse, Sarah Kuchar Studio and Redmond Construction.  I worked directly with each collaborator (most directly with Codeverse, the end user) to execute a ceiling design that embodied both their high design attitude as well as […]

DIRTT – 7504 Cafeteria

HEX CLOUD The Hex Cloud project was developed with DIRTT for the Calgary cafeteria space.  This fully custom project is three separate clouds (one approx 21′ long).  The work was conceptually developed by the DIRTT team and rationalized by myself.  The components coordinate color, angle […]

NEOCON 2017 – Custom is the new Standard

The NEOCON 2017 booth was an opportunity for the Turf Team to flex their muscles in showcasing the new product line-up for 2017.  For this installation, which won best Small Booth, I led in the design of the booth along with a portion of the […]

ATHENEX – Swell Ceiling

SWELL CEILING TILES The Athenex project was a large Swell tile installation in 48 Light Brown.  The undulating ceiling is three rooms (one large conference room, one small conference room and the CEO’s office).  For this job the Swell system was expanded to include a […]


WARP BAFFLE ARRAY For this project we debuted the Warp baffle product in the Dirtt GLC in Calgary.  This represents one of the more acoustical products in the line-up since it has a 12mm thick outer shell along with a 25mm air gap in the […]

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Felt Animals

As a bit of fun and to celebrate the graduation of a group of former students, I developed this series of animal semblances.  Each creature is based on my experiences with and my interpretation of a particular students personality.  This was gifted to them as a […]

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Hello Midtown! v2.0

This is the second generation of student works for the Hello Midtown community in Denver Co.  Developed with the support of Norris Design and Brookfield Residential and engineered (in part) by the Advanced Manufacturing Institute at Kansas State University, we were able to develop a […]

Capture House – Revit Teaching Project

The built environment has an incredible power to control behavior through thoughtful design.  This has always been true: whether it is in regards to the placement of milk in a grocery store (a common item, placed deep in the store drawing you in), storefront design […]

Medicine X – Guest Speaker at Stanford Medical Clinic

Based on the work in 3D printed prosthetic skins and my collaborations with both veterinary medicine and anthropology I was invited by Dr Larry Chu of Stanford University to give a presentation 3D printing as it relates to the future medical practices and education.  I […]

Parametric Shoe Design Project

For this second year undergraduate project, students engaged in the design/development of a shoe design that accommodated for a both style and performance, selecting between to options with the designer identifying with a particular gender.  The first option explored the design of an athletic shoe, […]